Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenge #7 ~ The Getaway

My parents just got home from a memorable vacation in the Mayan Riviera. They are both tanned and said that although they had to wear sweaters and coats at night, the days were quite nice. They had quite a few stories to tell.

Most memorable was the explanation of my Mother's swollen and badly bruised face. Apparently, on their third day on vacation they were woken up at 5am when the massive painting that hung over their bed came crashing down off the wall. The painting landed on my mother's face! Could you even imagine?? The entire trip was shadowed by this horrible event. It is a memory that will be always be remembered.

I would like you to blog about your most memorable vacation memory. Was it the destination? Someone you met? Something you saw? Something you ate or did for the first time? What was it?
Please provide a link below. If you don't have a blog then you can email your vacation memory to me at . You will earn an easy ballot for the monthly draw.

***BONUS: Do a layout of a favorite getaway and email it to me at to earn another ballot for the monthly draw. It is the Nee Basic Grey Marakech Line, stamps and embellies. Awesome stuff!

Due Date: February 28th
Draw Date: March 1st


  1. Great idea....I just posted mine on my blog! ;)

  2. I hope your mom's face is okay, that nothing was broken!

  3. Mine is the layout with the four pictures;
    it's my 1st trip in Africa; Discovering the wild.

  4. Here is a link to my 'blog post' about my was posted on September 25, 2008 , with the title "A funny story I wanted to share"

  5. Here is mine! =)

  6. Sorry to hear what happened to your Mom, but glad they still had a very nice vacation.

  7. I hope your mom is going to be okay!

    I adore the family trips we take to a cottage in Tobermory, and I'd attach a link, but there isn't much to see there. LOL I guess the most memorable would be our honey moon anyway..the first and only time either of us have been to anywhere tropical on a resort.
    The link shows you the building we stayed in on the resort..after 1 week I was ready to come home, after 2 weeks, I was stir crazy...but I'm not the type to do nothting. LOL A one week with the kids and the beach would be PERFECT!!