Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenge #2 ~ Scramble

I had so much fun putting a word scramble together for the Love Fest Crop at wescrap that I decided to incorporate it into a challenge for you!! Below is a collection of scrambled song titles that have the word "Love" in it.

1. I liwl walysa olev uoy
2. voel si lal uoy deen
3. vole tsuhr
4. abyb I vole ruyo awy
5. voel llwi peke su gteroeht
6. dselsen velo
7. li’l kmae vole ot uyo
8. teswe vole
9. vole em drente
10. rzayc ni vole
11. I nestholy velo uyo
12. n’cat ybu em velo
13. vole hacks
14. vole lofo
15. cadetdid ot vole
16. evlo biset
17. ni eth amen fo lveo
18. levo ni na tealover
19. amking vole tuo fo nightno ta lal
20. nhew a nma voles a meonw

After you have unscrambled the above song titles I would like you to chose one to use on a layout or card. You don't have to unscramble all of them. Hopefully you can find one you like right away. :)

Please email your creation to me at to earn a ballot for this month's Blog Prize. It will be a bunch of new Basic Grey Marakesh Goodies!! Yummy!! Oh.. and a few other goodies as well.

Due Date: February 28th
Draw Date: March 1st

Happy Scrapping!


1 comment:

  1. Oh great challenge....I think I knew them all....and I am sure I can find one to use as a title to a layout! ;)