Friday, October 31, 2008

Challenge #5

I have a great challenge for you today. It should be a nice and easy one too. :)

A very sweet friend of mine designed a sketch for me to use on my blog. I must say that I LOVE it to bits and will be using it this weekend as well. My gal, Lucy Chesna designed the following sketch and was so generous to send it to me for the blog. Please check out her sketches at My Sketchworld for other awesome sketches.

You gals have been really making a great impression with all the wonderful creations you have been sending to me. I am overjoyed at the responses I have recieved about all the challenges. I hope you'll take time to check them out in the gallery.

***All the challenges this week are due in my inbox( or on the blog November 3rd!! I have extended the dates so everyone has more time to create and send their layouts or cards to me. I will announce the winner on the 4th. ***

FYI: They say great minds think alike and I tend to agree. :) Please check out Lucy's Challenge Blog. She has posted a challenge almost identical to my 5 Things Challenges called "What I Like About Myself: So Tell Me Your Story

Happy Scrapping!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Challenge #4

I am so impressed with all the layouts you have been sending to me. You gals are rocking these challenges. It really makes me feel good to know you are having as much fun with this as I am. I am meeting new people and loving it.

However, I don't really know everyone. Just names and layouts. So..... todays challenge is meant for me to get to know you better. I would like to see a layout with a photo of you on and a list of "5 Things" that we don't know about you.

Here is my layout I did ecently for The Scrapping Bug. I handstiched around the large circle and I loved how it turned out. This is the first page I did that had my photo on it and a little something about me:

Journaling Reads: " 5 Things

1. I feel blessed each and every day to have my family.

2. I used to eat peanut butter and mayonaise sandwhiches.

3. I watched Jaws when I was little and now I'm afraid of sharks.

4. I love to sit on my front porch and watch thunderstorms.

5. I'm highly allergic to dogs but wouldn't give mine up. "

***All the challenges this week are due in my inbox( or on the blog November 3rd!! I have extended the dates so everyone has more time to create and send their layouts or cards to me. I will announce the winner on the 4th. ***

Happy Scrapping!

Remember you are playing for a RAK valued at over $50.00. All new CHA goodies.Happy Scrapping!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Challenge #3

All my scrappy friends know by now how much I love quotes. I am a bit of a quote fanatic. I believe they are a great addition to a layout and a great way to cheat when it comes to journaling. Yep... I like to cheat. I am not embarrassed by it at all.

Another favorite of mine is to use song titles and lyrics. I'll be at work and hear a song and jot down lines from it or titles. I usually come home with yellow post it notes in my pocket or purse. There are so many inspiring songs out there.

Here is a layout I did based on a song called Let Go Now by Crystal Shawanda:

Journaling reads: "Daddy left you in the truck with the radio running when he slipped into the bank. When he returned you were both sobbing. He was really concerned with all the tears. He thought something terrible had happened in the few minutes he was gone.He asked you both why you were so upset. You told him you heard a song on the radio about a little girl who tells her Daddy that he “can let go now Daddy, you can Let go. I’m old enough to face this world alone”.It was a story of a girl not needing her Daddy anymore. You both then looked up at him and said, “Daddy we never want you to let go!! We will never leave you”. You both made your Daddys heart swell with love. You should know that Daddy never wants you to let go either!"

You can find some great song lyrics here: Lyrics

One of my favorite places to find quotes is here: Quotations Page

So.... my challenge for you is to search for a special quote or song and use it on a layout or card. Everyone who does will earn a ballot for my big draw!! Please email your creation to: and put "Thynner Blog Challenge 3" in the subject line. It makes it easier for me to filter through my emails. You can also provide a link in the comments section.

**All the challenges this week are due in my inbox or on the blog November 1st!!
Happy Scrapping!

Remember you are playing for a RAK valued at over $50.00. All new CHA goodies.

Happy Scrapping!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Challenge #2

I have really been enjoying reading about everyone's fears. Thanks so much for sharing them with me and for the lovely layouts. I have added them into the October slideshow and I hope you'll take a moment to see all the wonderful work submitted so far.

Are you ready for another challenge?? This time around I am asking you to do an Ad Challenge. I found the following Ad in a Canadian Living Magazine:

I would like you to use it as inspiration for a layout or card. You can use the colors, chose the title, use the quote or the design. Maybe you even want to use all these elements??

Here is a layout I did based on this ad. I used both the title and the quote. Here is my lovely daughter, DD. (Yep.. that's her name. At least her nickname.)

Just remember that I'll be posting challenges all week long. Each challenge you complete earns you a ballot for the big RAK draw. you can email your creations to: and please put "Thynner Blog Challenge" in the subject line. You can also provide a link on the blog.

**All the challenges this week are due in my inbox or on the blog November 1st!!

Happy Scrapping!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Challenge # 1

I promised to post daily challenges this month to give everyone a chance to earn a ballot for the big draw I am having on November 1st. I thought I would start of with a Blog Challenge. I posted this one at Scrapdango and I thought it would be a great one to post here as well.

I thought that with Halloween being this week that I would chose a blog challenge that would fit the theme. This week I want you to blog about your biggest FEAR!! What are you most afraid of in life. It can be something tangible like Sharks (mine...) or emotional. What scares you the most in your life. If you have more than one fear, you can create a list.

Everyone who posts their Fears on their blogs and posts a link in the comments section below will receive a ballot.

BONUS: If you use your Fear(s) on a layout you will earn TWO BONUS BALLOTS!! You can email your creations to: or post a link in the comments.

**All the challenges this week are due in my inbox or on the blog November 1st!!

I am looking forward to seeing what you are most afraid of!!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

So Sketchy Guest Designer

My friend Ally is hosting a contest for a Guest Designer position on her So Sketchy Blog for the month of November. If you would like the honor of being her very first Guest Designer all you have to do is create a layout based on this sketch:

Here are the details:

1. Complete a page using the sketch provided above. (It can be a 12x12 or a 8.5x11 version.)
2. Take a photo or scan and send your work to: *File must be smaller than 300Kb.*Please name your file with the title of your page and your full name (ie: allisoncope_titlehere.jpg).*Please put "Guest Designer Sketch" in your subject line of your email.*Please provide your full name, email address, location (city, state/province), page title and supplies made to create your page.
3. DUE: Nov. 1, 2008 at 11:59pm PST. Late entries will not be accepted.
4. Do NOT post your finished page on your blog or in any gallery until after Nov. 1, 2008. NOTE: If you do not follow the above rules, your entry will be voided from the contest. Please read the rules carefully.The winner of the contest will be decided by the current design team members. The winner will be announced as soon as all the votes are cast and winner has been decided.
As an added bonus.... anyone who enters Ally's contest will receive a ballot for my big $50.00 CHA Blog Draw!!! Just send me an email at: and let me know that you've sent your entry off to Ally. I'll then confirm with her.
Watch the blog every day this week for daily challenges and chances to win!!! I'll even post a pic of the prize tomorrow as well.
Good luck and have fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Week in the Life Album Project

My friend Heather at Scrapdango has organized a fun and exciting project this week. I have fallen behind because I have had to contend with a house full of sickies. Lots of Advil has been consumed by everyone. It's been tough organizing people to care for my little ones when they are home sick. I would normally do it but it is my last official week at work and I didn't think it would be fair of me to take a few days off to look after my kids. Thankfully my Mom and Dad adore my kids as much as I do. **Thanks Mom**
Heather has based this project on a similar one posted on Ali Edwards blog. It shows all the basic info you need to create your own album. You can check it out here: Ali's Blog
Here is what Heather posted on the Scrapdango board: "Basically, starting tomorrow (the 20th) for 7 days, we will be gathering content for the album--photos capturing bits of our lives each day and journaling about what goes on through the day. You may want to think about whether you want your journaling to be in paragraph form or in list form or something else. Maybe as you start to do it, it will become apparent to you, how it should be, but I would think that being consistent with how you journal throughout the week will give a much more cohesive album when it's all put together. Also, maybe be thinking about what type of album you might want this to be. Do you have any supplies on hand that you can use or will you need to make a shopping trip--online or otherwise. But don't worry too much about the details this week--just get those photos and journaling. Be sure to take lots of photos, so that you have a lot to choose from."
I am going to start this tomorrow because I wasn't able to start it on Monday. I don't think the start date really matters. The important thing to me is that I have fun documenting things in my life that I would normally take for granted. I am really excited about the project.
I have been trying to come up with a fun and creative way to display my project. I think doing it in a mini album form would be the best way.
Who wants to join me in this fun project??? I have a COSMO CRICKET BLACKBOARD ALBUM up for grabs!! Yep... a RAK for you to use for your Week in the Life Project. I will draw a random name for anyone who participates with me. You will need to email me either your pics and notes on the project after the week or your completed project. (
The deadline for this draw is: November 8th.
Please leave a comment below with your intent to join in this awesome project. You can email me with any questions you may have.
Now... put in a fresh memory card in your camera and snap pictures of your every day life for a week straight. Take a few notes and away we go!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

weScrap Wicked Halloween Crop

I hope you have some time to join me and the weScrap gals for some wicked fun this weekend. I have three free memberships available. If you would like one please leave me a comment and your email address.!!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prima Winner.....

Thanks so much girls for all the wonderful comments. I loved to read all the reasons why you check out people's blogs. I found it really helpful. I was overwhelmed with the responses. :)

Without further adieu...... I had my darling daughter, Emmy pick a number between 1-37. It took her a moment and she came out with a number. She told it to me in french!!! She laughed at my dumbfounded look and broke into hysterics when I asked her what number it was in English!!

She chose # 20. After counting down the list I am pleased to announce that.............

melzscrappyjunk said...
"heh chickie ~ adorable stamps!i love blogs that are consistant ~ that have a lil bit of everything ~ clear posted pics and techniques..wuv new techniques and love to hear about to bad times as well as the know those rough times in life and in scrappin..that aren't always so perfect. btw..awesome blog..your girls have grown..whoa!"


Email me your address at: and I'll send you your sweet critter stamps.

Thanks again to everyone for coming to check out my blog. I hope you will continue to check back as I have more fun in store for you.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fresh Faces Contest

I am so excited to announce an amazing new contest at :

WeScrap's Next Top Designer! We are holding an open call for anyone who would like to be weScrap's Next Designer. Have you always wanted to be part of a design team but have always held back? Why not try out for our Next Top Designer Contest?? Based on America's Next Top Model we will be hosting weekly challenges and bonus challenges as well. There will be prizes throughout the entire contest!!! The Grand Prize? A 6 month contract as a weSrap iTeam member and everything that goes along with it! Scrapbooking supplies galore and discounts too.

The contest will run for 6 weeks and a panel of esteemed judges will decide who will stay and who will be sent home each week. We are looking for Fresh Faces, people who haven't been on a design team before. This is open to everyone, across the globe!! Please email your request and resume to ( . Include any blogs or galleries you may have. **Everyone who qualifies for the contest will be given a free membership to WeScrap**

Deadline for entries: October 31st

Contest Starts: November 5th

I am looking forward to all the entries and running this fun and amazing contest. Good luck to everyone who tries out. Email any questions to me at


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wanna Win Some Prima Stamps???

I have a darling collection of new Prima Stamps up for grabs. Wanna see the cute critters?





Now how can you get your hands on them?? Just please leave me a comment and your email address and let me know what you like to see or read on a blog? What brings you back to a blog again and again?

Simple eh?? You have until Friday at midnight to leave your comment and I will do a random draw and announce the winner on Saturday!!!

Oh and one more thing.... I have an extra issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine up for grabs as well :)

Good luck!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my favorite time of year. Well... my second favorite. What can really top Christmas after all.

This weekend signifies the end of summer to me. The air has a crispness to it, the nights end earlier and we pull out the warm, cozy sweaters and blankets. We were blessed to have amazing weather this weekend to celebrate the Canadian Thanksgiving. We spent most of the days this weekend outdoors as a family.
I asked everyone what they were most Thankful for last night.

Paige: "I am Thankful for the warm, cozy sun and my comfy bed to sleep in. I am also Thankful for my whole family that I love."

Emmy: "I am most Thankful for being able to spend time with my family and friends. I also love that I get to ride ponies and for my dogs, Storm and Tess."

DD: "I am Thankful for my warm bed, good food on my table, my family, being able to go to the barn and ride and most of all that my Poppi is still with us after beating cancer."

Steve: " I am most Thankful for the girls in my life. They are the reason I get up every morning."

Me: " I am Thankful for my three girls who bring me so much joy. My husband whose arms hold me tight at night. My loving family. My great friends and a glass of wine."

It is so hard to just chose one thing to be Thankful for these days. I have so many blessings in my life right now. Great friends, good health and a loving family is all I really need.

What are you Thankful for?? Leave me a comment and I will enter you into the $50.00 RAK draw I am having!!!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Land

I can't believe that my girls have turned 9 years old this past weekend!! I look at them and I no longer see them as babies, they have turned into beautiful, young girls.

We took them to Apple Land for thier birthday. It is a fun place just outside of London, Ontario. We were very fortunate to have such a wonderful warm and sunny day. It had rained here for over a week straight!!!

I think the most fun was helping the girls hunt and pick apples from the trees. We really had to search and work hard at getting them. Poor Steve needed a hot bath and some Advil after having to lift the kids up to pick thier apples!!

Steve and Paige:

Steve and Olivia:

The girls all had fun picking and carrying thier apples. Here they are posing with thier stash and carrying the heavy bushel once it was full:

DD, Paige & Emmy:

Emmy & DD:

We all had fun posing in the Pumpkin Patch. We called ourselves "The Apple Land Gang."

The Girls:

The Boys:

When we were done weighing our apples and paying for them, we took some time to take a couple pictures at the Pumpkin Spot:

DD, Paige & Emmy:


It sure was a perfect family outing shared with great friends. We will have to make this a yearly event.


The Scrapping Bug DT Reveal

I have fallen behind in almost everything since having to deal with my wisdom teeth. I have turned into a wimp lately and seem to not be able to tolerate pain. This is quite surprising considering I gave birth to twins and an 11 pound baby... without a c- section !!!

I was late posting my DT creations for The Scrapping Bug. They are so very sweet to me and I enjoy my time there. I received the amazing Imaginese Hallowhimsy Collection to play with. It is such a lovely, flocked paper line. I love the versatility of the collection.
Here are a couple of my layouts. The first one is of my girls and thier Halloween with Janna. She has turned into such a sweet, lovely girl and I adore her. I used to babysit her when she was my girls age. Last year she took the girls out Trick-or-Treating before moving to Columbia to teach.

The second layout shows how versatile the papers can be. I used the papers on a non Halloween layout. Here are girls:

Please check out the other amazing creations at The Scrapping Bug Gallery. I will post some more creations in the gallery tomorrow. The rest of the DT have some fab creations in the gallery already. I am in great company there!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

National Card Making Day

If you find you have some free time on your hands this weekend and would like to make some cards.... head on over to Scrapdango and join us. We are hosting a mini crop and have loaded a bunch of great card challenges to inspire you. The deadline to load your cards is Sunday at midnight. Still lots of time to make cards.

Carrie has offered up some gift certificates to use towards her amazing kits and add-ons. She is even footing the bill for shipping. She is such a doll.

Happy Scrapping!


I've Been Bad....

I must apologize to everyone for being a bad blogger the last few days. I have been suffering some dental whoes!! It appears that I have a wison tooth that desperately wanted to wreck my week. At first I thought I could deal with the pain and discomfort. Just wait it out.

Boy, was I wrong!! If you have ever had any wisdom teeth issues, you know what I am talking about. I went the dentist who promptly took me under his wing and under the gas mask. :)
I have been taking pain meds and Gravol for three days straight. I only now feel like a human again and talking like one too.

I'll get the blog back on track tomorrow. I have had a busy day today celebrating my twin daughter's 9th Birthday!! It is so hard to believe my babies are growing up.