Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Challenge #10 ~ Time It

I just finished a fun and exhilarating 1 Hour Layout contest at Creative Scrappers. I have never timed a layout before and had to create in such a short time. Steve had to work and wasn't going to be home until late. That meant that not only was I having to work with a time limit but I also had three girls to get ready for bed. It was stressful but thrilling at the same time. I thought I would hate the layout when it was done because I like to take my time and use inks, paint and distress my layouts. I like to bulk them up and add layers. I knew I wouldn't have time for any of that and I thought I wouldn't be happy. But... I actually Am Happy!!

Here is the final layout. I did manage to get it done in time but I couldn't get it loaded in time. My girls came first. Paige is still not feeling well and needed her Mommy to tuck her in. I still love doing that.
This is DD.... my little Drama Queen. It may be hard to envision her that way by looking at this lovely photo but, she has her moments. I hate to admit that it is one of the many things I love about her.


I would like you to grab your watch or a timer and create a layout in 1 hour!!! It may be tempting to go over your time limit but it is much more fun to push yourself to create in 1 hour. It is such a rush!!

When you are done, email it to me at thynner5@yahoo.ca to earn a ballot for the monthly prize draw. The wonderful Basic Grey Marakech line is up for grabs!!
Due Date: February 28th
Draw Date: March 1st
Happy Scrapping!


  1. OMG....I have been teased about how fast I can whip up a layout, but to actually be timed is all together different. The sweaty palms, the shaking hands, the beads of sweat on your brow...LOL This will be fun.

    Your page turned out fantastic and I love the colors you used with your photo.

  2. this LO is stunning! The you lady too is gorgeous