Thursday, February 5, 2009

Challenge #1 ~ Photo

It's time to get back on track and post a challenge to get you jump started. I hope you are all ready for another round of fun challenges!! I just love to post them all month long.

I have found that at least 98% of my layouts feature my children. They are just such beautiful girls and so easy to scrapbook. They are constantly giving me material to capture on paper.

SO... only 2% of my layouts feature something or someone else. How embarrassing. Really... truly...

I decided to scrap something other than my children. Here is a layout I did for the Scrapping Bug which features my beloved do Storm. He is such a loving and devoted dog. He is such a huge part of the Thynne family and I often neglect to include him on my layouts. Since he will be 13 years old on Paige's birthday this month I thought he deserved to be featured. He is getting old and has tumors growing on his body. He is still happy and generally healthy otherwise. He still plays and runs around. He can still make it up the stairs and gives lots of love. It is just hard to know that he will not be with us forever.

Challenge: I would like you to scrap a photo or photos hat feature no people!! No children, friends, family. You can scrap pets, animals, places and things. Just not people!

Email your creation to me at to earn a ballot for this month's blog prize draw. It will be another big and beautiful prize pack!!

Due Date: February 28th

Draw Date: March 1st

Happy Scrapping!



  1. Great challenge Tara. I too am one that focus' on my children.

    Storm reminds me of our dog Dude. He was 18 when he passed and he too had tumers but that didn't stop his love, or energy. He was a huge black lab. Huge too. He could walk up to the kitchen table and his chin would pass the top. But he was such a little bady.:)

  2. Oh Tara that's too funny. I was just talking about this on one of the other boards. I was saying how I pretty much only scrap my family most of the time and it would be nice to scrap something else. Well I will get motivated now. Thanks for the great challenge!

  3. Such a cute little creature you have T! Here's my page:

  4. He is a Beautiful Pet and doesn't look 13 years old! Well taken care of I am sure!

  5. He is adorable, Tara. I was going to start a pet page today that might be perfect for this. Thanks!