Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prima Winner.....

Thanks so much girls for all the wonderful comments. I loved to read all the reasons why you check out people's blogs. I found it really helpful. I was overwhelmed with the responses. :)

Without further adieu...... I had my darling daughter, Emmy pick a number between 1-37. It took her a moment and she came out with a number. She told it to me in french!!! She laughed at my dumbfounded look and broke into hysterics when I asked her what number it was in English!!

She chose # 20. After counting down the list I am pleased to announce that.............

melzscrappyjunk said...
"heh chickie ~ adorable stamps!i love blogs that are consistant ~ that have a lil bit of everything ~ clear posted pics and techniques..wuv new techniques and love to hear about to bad times as well as the know those rough times in life and in scrappin..that aren't always so perfect. btw..awesome blog..your girls have grown..whoa!"


Email me your address at: and I'll send you your sweet critter stamps.

Thanks again to everyone for coming to check out my blog. I hope you will continue to check back as I have more fun in store for you.



  1. whoa..KEWL! thank you emmy and thankx've made my day! can't wait to get scrappin happy with those lil critters. hugs!

  2. Too funny about your daughter and the french Tara.

    Way to go Mel!