Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Week in the Life Album Project

My friend Heather at Scrapdango has organized a fun and exciting project this week. I have fallen behind because I have had to contend with a house full of sickies. Lots of Advil has been consumed by everyone. It's been tough organizing people to care for my little ones when they are home sick. I would normally do it but it is my last official week at work and I didn't think it would be fair of me to take a few days off to look after my kids. Thankfully my Mom and Dad adore my kids as much as I do. **Thanks Mom**
Heather has based this project on a similar one posted on Ali Edwards blog. It shows all the basic info you need to create your own album. You can check it out here: Ali's Blog
Here is what Heather posted on the Scrapdango board: "Basically, starting tomorrow (the 20th) for 7 days, we will be gathering content for the album--photos capturing bits of our lives each day and journaling about what goes on through the day. You may want to think about whether you want your journaling to be in paragraph form or in list form or something else. Maybe as you start to do it, it will become apparent to you, how it should be, but I would think that being consistent with how you journal throughout the week will give a much more cohesive album when it's all put together. Also, maybe be thinking about what type of album you might want this to be. Do you have any supplies on hand that you can use or will you need to make a shopping trip--online or otherwise. But don't worry too much about the details this week--just get those photos and journaling. Be sure to take lots of photos, so that you have a lot to choose from."
I am going to start this tomorrow because I wasn't able to start it on Monday. I don't think the start date really matters. The important thing to me is that I have fun documenting things in my life that I would normally take for granted. I am really excited about the project.
I have been trying to come up with a fun and creative way to display my project. I think doing it in a mini album form would be the best way.
Who wants to join me in this fun project??? I have a COSMO CRICKET BLACKBOARD ALBUM up for grabs!! Yep... a RAK for you to use for your Week in the Life Project. I will draw a random name for anyone who participates with me. You will need to email me either your pics and notes on the project after the week or your completed project. (
The deadline for this draw is: November 8th.
Please leave a comment below with your intent to join in this awesome project. You can email me with any questions you may have.
Now... put in a fresh memory card in your camera and snap pictures of your every day life for a week straight. Take a few notes and away we go!!


  1. I hope to be able to give this a try Tara!! Great challenge!!!

  2. Sounds so exciting, too bad my life is so boring. LOL

  3. I've been slowly working on at least my pics for this. So I'm in! Great challenge!!! More motivation to get it done! :)

  4. Thanks for the motivation to get busy on this project! And I love your blog!

  5. you know I will be doing will be alot of fun

  6. Great challenge Tara, I looked at it on Ali's blog but did not join at that time. I will now!
    I am glad I found your blog!

  7. sorry to hear your family has been sick..big hugs to everyone.
    sounds like an awesome challenge.
    great to see up back online and chattin it up.

  8. Awesome that you're doing this Tara. Have fun. I've got to get all mine organized.

  9. I'm definitely going to try this one. Thanks for sharing.