Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Land

I can't believe that my girls have turned 9 years old this past weekend!! I look at them and I no longer see them as babies, they have turned into beautiful, young girls.

We took them to Apple Land for thier birthday. It is a fun place just outside of London, Ontario. We were very fortunate to have such a wonderful warm and sunny day. It had rained here for over a week straight!!!

I think the most fun was helping the girls hunt and pick apples from the trees. We really had to search and work hard at getting them. Poor Steve needed a hot bath and some Advil after having to lift the kids up to pick thier apples!!

Steve and Paige:

Steve and Olivia:

The girls all had fun picking and carrying thier apples. Here they are posing with thier stash and carrying the heavy bushel once it was full:

DD, Paige & Emmy:

Emmy & DD:

We all had fun posing in the Pumpkin Patch. We called ourselves "The Apple Land Gang."

The Girls:

The Boys:

When we were done weighing our apples and paying for them, we took some time to take a couple pictures at the Pumpkin Spot:

DD, Paige & Emmy:


It sure was a perfect family outing shared with great friends. We will have to make this a yearly event.



  1. Those are great pics Tara! I had a blast with everyone that day it was fun! I think the kids loved it too hehehe.

  2. Happy Birthday Girls!!!!

    Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love picking apples!

  3. great photos and belated happy birthday to the girls

  4. Those are FABU pics! I LOVE the t-shirt that says 'Straight-A-talker'. My 6 year old needs that - rofl!

    Amy :)

  5. Happy Birthday Girls!!!

    I loved seeing all of those photos. Looks like everyone had a good time

  6. Great pics Tara. We've never done apple picking. I want to do that.