Friday, June 19, 2009

Challenge #23 ~ Manufacturer Mixup

Here is a fun little challenge for you. Below is a list of mixed up words. They are all Scrapbooking Manufacturers. All you need to do is unscramble them:

1. enequ nda moancpy
2. ikgamn omemseir
3. nikp seilape
4. cemiarna rfatsc
5. toebrco fronnoeta
6. miarp
7. aserki raftc
8. ob nubyn
9. mocso cektirc
10. terca prepa
11. yisda ekutcb
12. ncfya nsatp
13. nbielalji upos
14. telitl lewloy ylieccb
15. ym disnm yee
16. nijne iwnlbo
17. iseamsl nerscfa
18. tedretat egslan
19. ehert usgb ni a gru
20. brsewtes egspa

I tried to keep them easy and in the right places. I hate frying my brain on the ones that are all mixed up and squished together. Oy... those hurt my head.

Challenge: Unscramble the words and email them to me at Everyone who sends them in will earn a ballot for the big prize draw. BUT... I had the everyone pick a number before they left this morning. The people who send thiers in and are the following people will earn 3 ballots:

The first person, the third person, the seventh person, the ninth person and the twelth person.

Have fun and good luck!



  1. You have mail!! Some of those were HARD!!!! lol

  2. Thanks! This was fun :o)

  3. I've sent you my list. I must have scrapbooking on my mind because that was quick.

  4. I just sent my list too!! Those are always so fun!

  5. Got mine sent in. That was fun!

  6. I forgot to post that I sent mine in as well :)