Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bingo Call

Here are some more words to start your day:

27. Monthly Kit Clubs
52. Creative Scrappers
88. Scrapbook Tips

Remember to post Bingo on the blog when all your words have been crossed off and send me an email so I may check your words.

Did one of those get crossed off of your list?



  1. Nothing for me on that one. Still at 22.

  2. None for me that time.

  3. I still need 8 more! Not looking too good?

  4. I got one more~but someone will get their 25 before me, I'm off to Vancouver and probably won't be able to check my words!

  5. got one more, but I'm only at 19
    so I know someone has to be closer than I am....

    good luck everyone, it's getting down to the wire.