Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenge #18 ~ Texturize It

I must apologize for the delay today. I wanted to post a wonderful RAK I received as a prize for the blog. I had it all set up to take a photo and then I ended up burning my hand . It has been soaking in cool water ever since. Even now, I have my left hand in a yellow, plastic glass and I am typing with one hand.
It is Steve's 40th birthday today. I planned a special BBQ for him. I purchased extra thick steaks and I marinated them all day. I bought real baked potatoes too.I was precooking the potatoes in the microwave and when they were done I reached in and grabbed the plate. It was steaming hot!! I used the wrong plate and I seriously burned my hand. I have blisters on three fingers and a thumb. I am in agony!! Not just from the pain.....I had to make Steve cook and serve his own birthday supper as I lay on the couch with my hand in a bowl of cold water. It still hurts so much that even after two hours, I still have to have it submerged in water. My fingers are pruned!!Poor Steve. He had to get up early (5am) and he had to stay late. Then he walk in the door to me telling him to light the BBQ and cook our super. I suck!! Good thing he loves me.

So, I will be posting the sponsor highlight in the morning when I can take a photo of the generous RAK in the light of day. Kristine is amazing!! You'll love it.

In the meantime.... let's do another challenge!! One of the things I love to see on a layout is texture!! Lots of it.

Here is a layout I did for weScrap using the new Cherry Sundae kit. What an awesome kit this was to work with. Love the colors. I am a huge October Afternoon fan and a happy designer when I received my kit! I added texture by incorporating cardboard in my layout and using felt stickers.

The layout features Steve and Paige. We went to Apple Land last fall and picked our own apples. Steve had to hoist Paige up so she could pick apples from the tree. We all had such a wonderful time and plan on visiting again this year.

Challenge: I would like you to add some texture to your layout. You can use cardboard, felt, lace, ribbons, paint or fabric. You can also emboss. It is such a quick and easy way to add texture. Email your layout or card to me at thynner5@yahoo.ca to earn another ballot for the celebration prizes!!

Due Date: June 30th
Draw Date: July 1st
Happy Scrapping!


  1. OMG Tara! That doesn't sound good girl! Sure hope you get some relief from the pain. Make sure you go see the doctor. Sounds like you might have a more serious burn than you think. Take care of you!

    Happy Birthday Steve!

  2. Hi Tara. Ally's right. I have burned my hand with coffee before. Just keeping my hand in iced water didn't help. I got a special ointment on... take care :)

  3. Well that just sucks Tara hope you are better today!

    Happy Birthday Steve!!!

  4. OMG Tara...that is just aweful {{HUGS}} And you don't suck and I am sure Steve understands. It's not like you put yourself in pain on purpose. If you have aloe keep that on it to easy the vurning sensation and to keep the skin moist.

  5. Oh..I forgot...gorgeous page. I love using cardboard...:D

  6. Hope you hand is much better today!! That layout is super duper cute!!

  7. Hope your hand is feeling better. It sounds like a horrendous burn.
    I enjoy checking out your site. thanks!

  8. Hu,hope you are ok now!Gee..you better be careful next time..Haay sorry for that bad day. Big hugs hun!

  9. I hope the hand is healed by now.

    I emailed you a layout I created using handmade paper.

    Thanks for the challenge!!!