Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cool Font & Challenge

I am a font-a-holic!! I can admit it. I love fonts!! All types of fonts. I am contantly looking through the web for new, fresh and funky fonts. I thought I would share my addiction with you gals.

I love a good font and these are fontastic! It is fresh, cool and funky! It has a cool Bewitched look to it. Loved that show!

It is called: Fabulous 50's

If you need help on how to load a font on your computer, click here to access the Resource section at CCAS! Resources

You can download it for free here: Fontspace


Download this free font on your computer and use it on your next layout or card to earn a ballot for this month's celebration Prizes!

Due: June 15th

Happy Scrapping!



  1. OH NO, another font site to stalk....thanks! Love this one, btw!

  2. Well, I downloaded it...I don't have a printer so I will try to get to the library and print something up!

  3. Super cute font...but I have a question. Once I have downloaded it, how do I acutally use it? Does it automatically get imported in with the rest of my fonts?

  4. Ohh-I love this font!!! Love the font site! Thanks!