Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Challenge #4 ~ The Three B's

I have decided that I am officially sick and tired of the weather!! It has literally rained for almost five days. It is so grey and dismal. It has been hard to get out of bed in the morning since the clocks sprang forward because it is still dark out at that time. Then.... because of the rain, it stays dark.

I want things to brighten up. I want to see the colors of spring. I want to smell the flowers as they bloom and grow. I want to see the happy smilie faces on my children's pretty faces. That's not too much to ask for..... right??
In the meantime, I can scrap. That always puts a smile on my face. I can use bright colors, bold prints and big flowers. Here is one of my very favorite layouts of Paige that using the three b's:

Use the three B's to make your next creation. make something bright, bold and have something big on it. Then email me at thynner5@yahoo.ca your creation to earn a ballot for the monthly draw. I have a stunning array of goodies in store for you!
Due Date: March 31st
Draw Date: April 1st
Happy Scrapping!


  1. Oh I hear ya on the rain....it's so muddy and icky out. I could go for some brightness too. Great challenge and gorgeous layout Tara!

  2. love your challenges!!! I did your quote challenge. ^_^ heeheh I had fun. Your layouts are beautiful and I love the bright colors! I hope you're doing well. *hugs*