Thursday, August 13, 2009

Our Other Loved Ones & Challenge #5

When someone asks you about your loved ones you automatically think of your child(ren), spouse or parents. I even have some dear friends that I love as well. BUT... how often do we think of our other loved ones?? The ones that drool and are covered with hair. That smell really horrible when they get wet. Who have been know to pee in the house. The ones that bark or whine when they want something. The ones that snuggle us and give us undying love and devotion.

Yeppers... our furry friends. I have two dogs that I just adore. They have a special bond with my girls. When the twins were born, Storm, would sleep beside the crib and let me know when they would wake up. He would literally guard them when company came over. Always standing between the girls and the guests. He still sleeps in their room at night and wakes Emmy up when he gets bored.

He is now 13 1/2 yrs old. The vet said they didn't think he would live past 8 yrs because of his epilepsy. He has shown them how strong and devoted he is. He is so sweet and loving. I fear the day that he decides it's time to move on and join Papa. He has given us so much joy and I am very thankful to have had him in our lives.

I love watching the relationship that has grown through the years, with the girls. He follows them everywhere they go. He mopes around the house if they go to a friends house. Heaven knows he sulks when they sleepover somewhere. The girls are the reason he is still with us and they have keep him young and alive this long.

Here is a layout I made earlier this week, celebrating the relationship with Storm and DD. You can just see how much he adores her.

Challenge: I would like to see you do a layout about a furry loved one. Any type of pet. Someone special that has enriched your life. Then email it to me to earn a ballot for this months draw.

Due Date: August 31

Draw Date: Sept. 1st

Happy Scrapping!


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