Sunday, August 16, 2009

Challenge #7 ~ Scavenger Photo Hunt

It is such a lovely day today that I thought I would grab the kids and the camera and go on a Scavenger Photo Hunt today. These are always so much fun to do and the kids really get into it.

We will be on the road in a bit to visit my Mother In Law in Port Elgin and I hope we can get some pics in today. The sun is shining today and we plan on hitting the beach. I am sure it will be crazy busy and that I am completely insane!!

Scavenger Hunt List:

1. A sunrise or sunset.
2. A local landmark.
3. Something with wings.
4. A bug.
5. You favorite place.
6. Something furry.
7. Something very old.
8. Your favorite Beverage.
9. A Barn animal
10. A DVD you love to watch
11. 7. Something that vibrates or shakes
12. A puddle
13. A rainbow
14. Something yellow
15. Something that smells bad
16. Something that smells wonderful
17. raw meat
16 a bikini
17. a mop and pail
18. pie
19. a barn
20. a pig
21. colorful glasses
22. numbers
23. rain boots
24. someone you love
25. a mustache
26 a chick
29. something hot
30. Something with lots of texture

Challenge: Go out and take at least 10 of these photos and email them to me at 1 ballot

Bonus: Find pictures of everything listed and earn 3 extra ballots.

Bonus: Make a layout using one of these pictures and earn an extra 3 ballots.

Due: August 31st

Have Fun!


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