Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Opps... Excuse Me.... & Challenge

Oops... Excuse Me.... I Twittered!!

Yep... I finally decided to join the Twitter crowd. I just love saying the name alone. It's so fun and funky to day. My friend Darlene at Let's Capture Our Memories says that I have become "twitter"pated!!!

Yep... it just may be a disease.

I think it is such an easy way to keep up with eachother without Facebook. My time gets sucked away when I am on Facebook. I still check in there a couple times a week but it's much easier to post a quick sentence and update everyone on my scrappy news.

Speaking of Scrappy News..... There will be a HUGE announcement at weScrap on Friday. Stay tuned. :)

Challenge: If you are on either Facebook or Twitter.... look for me (Tara Thynne/Thynner) and add me as your friend or follow me. You will earn a ballot for doing so. How easy is that??!!
If you are already my friend or have already signed up to follow my "tweets" you also get a ballot.

Due Date: August 31st
Draw Date: Sept 1st



  1. I'm your friend on Facebook! And I signed up to follow your tweets the other day!

  2. I'm following you on Twitter!!

  3. I added you as a friend on FAcebook!