Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Who doesn't love Halloween??

This year was our first Halloween at our new home. We have been looking forward to it for weeks now. All the decorations were hung and set to go, loaded new batteries in the flasing lights and scary zombie dude, costumes set and hung up to wear and candy bought and hidden.

We didn't know what to expect being at a new neighborhood for Halloween so I made sure to buy lots of chocolate and candy. I wanted to make a great impression with the neighbors. Well..... I wish I knew that I would be stuck with almost ALL my candy at the end of the night. We had two kids at our house all night long and they were family!! Holy Hanna!!

I was complaining about it today at the post office and they someone told me it was because I lived in the North Ward now and people are seen as being ritzy and snooty. What.... I am not either of those. BUT... in retrospect.... most of thr homes in my neighborhood had thier lights turned off. In fact only two houses on my entire street had even decorated for Halloween. There aren't alot of kids in my neighborhood either. so, I guess it makes sense. I was just so disappointeed. One of my favorite things is to see all the little ones dressed in their costumes!!

Here are some Halloween Pics of my girls and Mandy. She is my other "Adopted Daughter".... maybe more like a little sister.

The Halloween Crew:




Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


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  1. Love their costumes (especially the gangster - just awesome!)