Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

We always love this time of year at our house. The girls and I had so much fun this summer playing, swimming and hanging out. I loved having the summer off to be with them. But... I think they were getting bored of me and wanted to see all their friends that aren't around during the summer. I believe we were all ready for the set routine that only school can bring.

We spent one last night staying up and watched a movie. I painted their nails as G-Force played in the background. Steve snoozed on the couch. and the dog lay beside Emmy on the floor. Then they went to bed dreaming of school.

Here are some quick pics I took of them before they ran away to school:

Just Chilling:

One Last Hug:

All Grown Up: Emmy and DD

Paige and her Back to School Bear:

When I took Paige to her school, she literally ran away from me to be with her friends. Sigh... they grow up too fast. Her teacher came up to me and said that he felt he won the lottery because He will now have taught all three of my girls and he just adores them all. Aww.... that's so sweet.

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  1. I remember always posing on our front porch with my sister and neighborhood friends for that first back to school picture! Funny, my parents even took one of my first day to college! (Or maybe my BF took it--I was so nervous that day I don't remember!)

  2. My little guy is 3 and started a Pre K 3 program this year. It is only a few hours a week but it is so strange when he is not here. I have been lucky to be home with him over the past year a half, but my gosh they grow up and independent fast. Here is a picture sporting his backpack on his first day!http://www.flickr.com/photos/37569765@N03/4996198109/