Monday, December 15, 2008

Stained Glass Tealight Holders & Challenge # 5

I posted this at Scrapdango for their 12 Gifts of Christmas and I wanted to share it with you gals too. Wanna make some cool tea light holders?? I let my kids take the lead on this craft. We had alot of fun together making these.

1. Clean and dry the drinking bottles. Use your exacto knife to cut around the bottle where it begins to taper, approximately ¾ of the way from the bottom. Discard the top portion.

2. Use your scissors to cut the tissue papers into 1-2 inch squares.

3. Coat the bottle in sections with Podge medium using your foam brush. Adhere tissue paper squares to the podge. Repeat until the bottle is covered. Apply a coat of Podge to the entire bottle. Let dry.

4. Using your glue dots adhere your ribbon around the top of the bottle. You could also add ribbon to the bottom if you wish.
5. Adhere your chipboard shapes to the front using glue dots.

6. If you are making more than one it would be nice to add chipboard or wooden letters to spell Noel or Joy. My girls chose Scenic Route Chipboard Shapes.
7. Apply some Stickles to the chipboard for some added glitter. (It doesn’t show in my photos)
8. Place your battery operated tea light inside and enjoy! **I bought mine for $1.00 each at my local Hardware Store. DO NOT use real tea lights. The holders are made of plastic and will be a fire hazard!!

Enjoy the pretty, gentle glow.

This was a fun project to do with the girls after school. The mess is minimal and the end result really is stunning when it is lit up.
Challenge #5:
I would love to see you make one of these as a gift for someone or for yourself. Email your Stained Glass Tea Light Holder for a ballot for this months Blog Prize valued at $50.00.
Due Date: December 31st
Draw Date: January 1st
** Be sure to scheck out Scrapdango for more amazing projects. My friend Lucy made a super cool Origami Tree Card!!
Happy Scrapping!


  1. Those are so cool!!!!!! Your girls did a great job!!!!!

  2. So cute and your girls did a great job on them.

  3. How inventive.. real cute and kiddo friendly!