Saturday, November 22, 2008

Let it Snow.... ~ Challenge #6

We sure got dumped on with snow last night. It was so magical waking up this morning and looking out the window. It looked like a magic snow globe. Big fluffy snowflakes falling down over a pristine, untouched yard. Lovely.
Here is what our house and lane way looked in the morning:

By the time I fetched my camera, the kids were running through the yard with the dogs. They were all laughing and having a grand time. They must have stayed out there for well over an hour.

They got it and fired up the hairdryer to dry the dogs. How sweet. My bathroom now smells of a lovely combination of wet dog and burn hair. NICE!!??

We just sat down to relax when we heard the tractor pull up. Steve had gone to work to borrow the tractor to clean out our driveway. The girls hopped up and got their snowsuits back on and waited while Steve built them their mountain. Every year he builds this mountain of snow on the front lawn. Last year it was so high that it reached all the way up to the girls bedroom window. If it had been a door there they could have walked out and been on top of it.

They had lots of fun with Steve and the tractor. He let them sit in the bucket and raised them up and down. The best part was when he raised them a little, went over to the mountain and tipped the bucket. They slipped out of and onto the mountain. You could probably hear the fits of laughter all over Ontario. Maybe even as far as BC.....

Challenge #5:
I know that it's not winter for all my blog readers but for those of you that have winter.... I would like to see you post a snow picture on your blog. If you do not have any snow photos you can blog about what you love about it. I know some of you probably have never even seen snow. You can blog about that as well.
Just add a link to your blog or email me at:
You will earn a ballot for the $50.00 CHA Blog Draw!!
Bonus: Do a layout featuring snow as the subject and earn an additional ballot! Email me at: .
**Due Date: December 1st**

Happy Blogging!



  1. Okay Tara.... so a girl moves all the way across the country to the land of mountains and snow and we have NONE!!!! This is rediculous! You guys are getting it all! All we have this morning is frost. Yup... that's it! So crazy the weather we're having! We're supposed to get 5 times more snow than Ontario!! WEIRD!!

  2. Well, I woke up to snow this morning and all I had was the dog to get some pictures of....he wasn't cooperating....he's a jack russell and I think out of the 20 pictures I got I didn't get one of his full body let alone enough to know what the picture
    But I may have a couple photos from our first snow a couple weeks ago.

    Tara your photos are awesome and I can't believe all the snow you have already.

  3. what awesome pictures of your girls, wow thats alot of snow.

  4. whoa..look at all that white stuff! ACK! awesome pics chickie..can't wait to see them scrapped

  5. Looks like the girls had a great time in the snow. How cool that Steve let them sit in the tractor scoop.

  6. Love the pics of your girls in the snow --- and in the bucket thing -- that is so cool!!!! I haven't had a chance to really play along this month, like I was hoping to. I have a list of your challenges on my to do list and hope to get to them eventually. I did just post a photo of snow on my blog.

    Thanks Tara for all your challenges!!!! They are great!!!!!

  7. omg... and here in the east of toronto we have nothing.. I want some white stuff too.. what great photo's of the kids.. so much fun Tara.