Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Challenge #8 ~ Sketch Puzzle

Most of my scrappy requests have been for sketch puzzles. I happened upon these a few years ago and I get requests all the time to make them up and post them for challenges.

I have created two versions of the same sketch. The first one is a medium version and the second, for you die hard puzzle girls, is a harder one.

Medium Version

Hard Version

If you have any problem with the sketch puzzle send me an email at: thynner5@yahoo.ca and I will send you the sketch.

Once you have completed your layout please email it to me for a ballot for the big Blog Prize!!

I will be posting a picture of the prize tomorrow for you!

Happy Scrapping~



  1. Holy Cow....I went with the hard version...love puzzles, the white space what tough, but I got it done. Great sketch Tara. Will work on my layout tomorrow. ;)

  2. I went to the hard one too! Made the kids late for school LOL Got it done though! Love the sketch

  3. Left you a little something on my blog!

  4. Yikes! Since this was only my 2nd time doing this I did the medium one. It was harder than the last one but I love the sketch! :)

  5. whohoo ~ did it! awesome sketch chickie..got it printed!

  6. Tara I love your blog and left you a fun surprise on my blog - please check it out!!!