Monday, February 15, 2010

Challenge #3 ~ Word Puzzle

Let's have some fun and solve a word scramble. I have compiled a list of scrappy manufacturers and scrambled them up for you to solve. When you have the answers, email them to me at to earn a ballot for the $50.00 Prize Draw!!

1. yadMaaRo
2. nceAasarCmrtif
3. sgi alygePT
4. sresPgllaCeo
5. amrPi
6. nuoyBBn
7. nriielvkseBaDscgR
8. ckComtireoCs
9. sissFMcraenela
10. wFreSfotlo
11. earetrteDSm
12. eoinJlnnwBi
13. ilsGizgtnseD
14. litccwloeltiYlyLeeB
15. iseGcBray
16. emknMeMisroagi
17. cnrreAnbOtfooeot
18. lileSanuopJib
19. diEyMMnsye
20. NkkivliSiis
21. aSsrasassafLss
22. tynanFcaPs
23. seTdetAgarelnt
24. zalBliz
25. ESI
26. rpiseMckrCoa
27. esatPseegrbWs
28. iPklainseeP
29. ybHaml
30. Dboeldogu

Hmmm.... they kinda look a little tricky. I will give everyone who sends in the answers 3 ballots!!! Next Monday I will Capitalize the first letter in the word to help out. Anyone who sends in their answers after that will only earn 1 ballot. **Hints are now posted**

Due dates: 1st version ~ Feb. 22nd
2nd version ~ March 1st

Have fun!



  1. Hi I just emailed mine. Thanks for the fun. Lisa L. (mcia01h)

  2. This is fun, only 5 more to find then I'll email you!

  3. I'm loving this, I have 2 words left and I am determined to get them by the 22nd. They were hard though.

  4. I'm still banging my head against the wall on one

  5. No 7 has me stumped but I think I shall mail you without it!

  6. I can't figure out number 7 and 27 for the life of me, even had two scrappy friends look at them. ARRRGGGHHHH!!

  7. this was evil....pure evil!!!
    I'm done to the final 2, and have been all weekend. i can't get them! #7 and #26.....

    You sure make a mean word scramble

  8. I can't get #7 either. I've been searching scrap site after scrap site for the last 5 days looking for #7 ...I give up!!

  9. Such fun! Just finished mine today. Had real trouble with three of them, but I am a puzzler so I finally figured them out! Good luck to all!