Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back on Track

Things have been rather hectic at the Thynne household the last few weeks. I had lots of doctors appointments with Paige which all have gone great. Then we suddenly found ourselves thrust in the midst of a sudden move. A wonderful opportunity came up where I was able to buy my parents old Victorian home. The first home they bought after my Dad retired from the army. It meant alot to finally settle down and this house holds alot of memories for me as well.
Steve and I were pondering selling our house because we came to the point where we would have to either put more money into it or move to bigger house. The girls are older and we seemed to need more space. We just weren't happy anymore.
When my parents suddenly announced they were going to move into a lovely two story apartment with a store front for the office... I was delighted for them. When they asked us if we would like first dibs on buying their house.... I was delighted for us.
They had to be in their new apartment within the week, leaving us less than a week to get packed and move as well. What a whirlwind this adventure has been!!
I am now back online and ready to post more scrappy inspiration and lots of challenges as well.
I am in the middle of putting together a great prize pack for May!! So keep an eye out for that!!

Thanks again to all my followers and for all the wonderful emails I get from you. You are the reason I blog and have become a big part of my life!

I will post some pictures of my house when I have the rest of the boxes unpacked.



  1. That's great Tara. I missed you at the WeScrap Crop.

  2. You guys sure have been busy! Can't wait to see pics of your new house! Hope things start to settle down!

  3. I'm so glad you're back! But more happy that Paige is okay and you got your parents' house!

  4. Glad to see you back on-line.I bet your home is beautiful.I love Victorian homes.